Fee Payment

FEE PAYMENT POLICY: Deletion of classes for non-payment will be before the first day of class for the semester. Carefully review the registration dates and the corresponding fee payment/deletion deadlines on the Bursar's semester calendar.

Use the Tuition Estimator to calculate estimated
fee assessment for registered classes.

Fee Charts

All fees are subject to change by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Charges for all courses will be assessed by STUDENT level. The University reserves the right to correct errors in student fee assessments and charges which are discovered subsequent to initial billings or fee statements.

Undergraduate Graduate Law

Fee Charts Archive

  • All fees are actual fees approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents and are subject to change at any time.
  • The following items have per-hour course fees
    • Fine Art Course Fees– additional $30 per credit/audit hour
      • ARCH Course Fees - ARCH & IDES
      • ART Course Fees - ART [excluding ART 1030] & ARTH
    • Broadcast and Film/Video Course Fee - additional $30 per credit/audit hour
      • COMM 1823, 3801, 3820, 3821, 3823, 3824, 3842, 4822, 4825, 4841, 4842, 4891, 4892, 4993, 4999*, 6822, 6824, 6825, 6841, 6842, 6891, 7892, 7993*, 7994*, 7995, JOUR 4629, 4639 and 4649, with no maximum. (* when applicable)
    • Business Courses (3000 level and higher) – additional $35 per credit/audit hour
    • Communication Sciences and Disorders Courses (most graduate courses) - additional $15 per credit/audit hour
    • Engineering Courses – additional $35 per credit/audit hour
    • Law Courses – additional $20 per credit/audit hour
    • Nursing Courses (3000 level and higher) – additional $30 per credit/audit hour
    • Teacher Education Courses – additional $25 per credit/audit hour for undergraduate and graduate courses

Some courses may require additional fees not included in the charts.

Summer fees are assessed on a per-hour basis, with no maximum.

On-Campus fees are assessed to all courses with a completely numeric section number, no matter the instructional method.  Courses with an instructional method of web and completely numeric section numbers are assessed as On-Campus and eligible for eRate. eRate will be assessed on a per hour rate, with no maximum.

RODP (Rxx) and U of M Online (Mxx) fees are assessed on a per-hour basis, with no maximum, and are in addition to on-campus fees.

There is a $50 enrollment fee for participation in the University's Installment Plan program during the Fall and Spring semesters. The Installment Plan is not available for summer terms.

eRate (out-of-state) fees are assessed to students who are classified as non-residents of the State of Tennessee and enrolled in all online courses.  Students taking online and ANY on-campus courses will be assessed the standard out-of-state tuition for all enrolled courses and $100 per hour online fee.