The University of Memphis

Request for B&F System Access

Submit form to Scates Hall, Room 311
Fax: 678-3061
Email scanned forms to
Please allow a two-week minimum turnaround time after submitting form.

Business and Finance Access Roles and Definitions

Please use this form to request access to Business and Finance data and transactions in Banner, OnBase (Matrix), and Hyperion.  E~Print reports are included with access to Banner.  Please refer to University Policy UM1303 for additional authorized signature information.  WorkforUM access and privileges are based on Banner Finance roles and organization codes, please review WorkforUM roles.

Financial Transactions


Banner Finance Query

Banner online budget transfers, journal entries, and Travel purchase orders are processed in Self Service (SSB).  Purchases orders for goods and services are processed in Tigerbuy.

Query access to budget status, financial transactions and pending transactions are available in Banner Self Service (SSB), Internet Native Banner (INB), and e~Print.  OnBase (Matrix) is the University’s document retention system with check and invoice data.

Financial Manager
Finance and HR

An individual designated by position title with budget responsibility and authority to create and approve financial transactions in Banner and Tigerbuy, time and leave reporting, and Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs).  When approving time and leave reporting, the financial manager is known as the Web Time Entry approver.

Finance and HR

An individual appointed by a financial manager to act on his/her behalf when creating and approving financial transactions in Banner, Tigerbuy and EPAFs.  This person is called a proxy when approving time and leave reporting, with access to HR and FI data in Banner.  

Approver Finance

An individual appointed by a financial manager to act on his/her behalf when approving invoices, cash reimbursements, and transfer vouchers only.  Banner access to create financial transactions, as well as, access to create Tigerbuy transactions with approval authority in Tigerbuy up to $5000.

Non Approver Finance

An individual appointed by a financial manager to create financial transactions and Tigerbuy purchases. No approval authority.

Tigerbuy Requester

An individual appointed by a financial manager to create purchase orders in Tigerbuy with no approval authority.  No access is granted to Banner.

Budget Transfer Limited Access

An individual appointed by a financial manager to act on his/her behalf to create budget transfers only with no access to financial reports in Banner or e~Print, and no approval authority.  Usually granted to users in other departments to create budget revisions between org codes when one of the org codes is not the org code of employment.

Faculty Budget e~Print Report

Any faculty member that needs access to the departmental budget report in e~Print.

Departmental User HR data

An individual appointed by a financial manager to query Human Resource information for all employees within an organization and EPAF originator access.  No approval authority.

Proxy Time and Leave

An individual appointed by a financial manager to approve time and leave on his/her behalf. No access to Banner HR or FI data is granted.

Acknowledger Time and Leave

An individual appointed by a financial manager to review time and leave transaction prior to final approval by financial manager or proxy.  No approval authority.

Financial Managers and Designees can appoint an equipment representative on the Finance Program Guide Equipment Rep Maintenance site.  Each organization may appoint one user to process equipment transfers and location changes in the Fixed Asset Workflow.  Most Banner Finance roles include query access to fixed asset information in Banner and e~Print.

When requesting access role Budget Transfer Limited Access, the Financial Manager or Designee of the organization to which the user will have access to initiate budget transfers must sign the request form. 

Once the request form is completed, signed by the requester and financial manager, submit the form to Information Technology Services, 311 Scates Hall, or email a scanned copy to, or fax to 678-3061.  It is the responsibility of the financial manager to notify ITSAS when an employee leaves the department or has a change in employment status.  Please note that applying security is a multi-step process and often takes several days to complete.  We appreciate your patience and welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

Please note that there are two forms for requesting access to B&F systems; one for regular employees and one for students/temporaries/agents of the University. 

The University of Memphis, one of the Tennessee Board of Regents institutions, is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action University.