The University of Memphis
Moving Expense Agreement
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Agreement made on between The University of Memphis (referred to as University) and (referred to as the Employee).

WHEREAS, the Employee, with employment date effective desires to move and relocate his/her residence from to , and the University desires to reimburse or pay on behalf of the Employee the cost of the moving expense, the parties therefore agree as follows:

  1. The University agrees to reimburse or pay on behalf of the Employee an amount not to exceed $ for moving expenses incurred for the relocation. Of this amount, not more than $ can be reimbursed directly to the individual. All reimbursement claims must comply with the University's rules and regulations in effect when this agreement is signed. Also, the Employee agrees to provide original receipts for all reimbursement claims.

  2. In consideration for the University either reimbursing or paying the costs of moving, the Employee agrees to remain employed by the University for a period of at least one year. For faculty appointed on an academic basis, one year is defined as one regular academic session (fall and spring semesters, nine months). For all other annual faculty and employees, one year is defined as twelve months. Should the Employee leave employment prior to completion of that year, the Employee will be liable to the University for all moving expenses which the University has paid (to or on behalf of the Employee), together with reimbursements and all payroll taxes withheld by the University in connection with such expenses.

  3. The Employee hereby gives the University, the Tennessee Board of Regents, and the State of Tennessee an express lien on all salaries, wages, and other sums payable to him/her for the purpose of securing all amounts due under Section 2 above in the event the Employee leaves prior to one year's employment at the University. The Employee authorizes the University, the Tennessee Board of Regents, and/or the State of Tennessee to withhold all amounts due under this Agreement from any sum payable to the Employee.

  4. If the Employee fails to remain employed as indicated in Section 2 above for reasons beyond his/her control considered sufficient by the University, all or part of the liability under Section 2 may be waived by the University. Any such waiver must be approved in writing by the Employee's department head or dean and the President. (The dean/department head whose account paid for the Employee's move must notify the Human Resources office if the Employee does not remain employed at the University for at least one year.)

Employee's Signature_____________________________ Date__________ Banner ID:

Department Head's Signature______________________________________ Date______________

Dean/Director's Signature_________________________________________ Date______________

Provost/Vice President's Signature__________________________________ Date______________

President's Signature_____________________________________________ Date______________

Expense Allowance by Category Dollar Limit
Actual cost of moving household goods and personal effects: $
Separate personal travel expenses directly associated with moving household goods and effects: $
Temporary storage of goods and effects: $
Other (specify): $
Department Name:   Index Number:   Account Number 73700
Department Name:   Index Number:   Account Number 73700   PO#:_______

Please forward a copy of this Moving Expense Agreement to the Accounting Department.