Online Exit Questionnaire

Thank you for your contributions to the University of Memphis! Upon your departure, we hope you will consider yourself as a part of the University’s extended family. We are interested in your assessment of the University of Memphis, and we ask that you complete this form to help us evaluate the University in its role as a leading local employer. This form will not become a part of your employee record and will be used for analytical purposes only.

Section 1: Employee Data
Position/Title Department Name
Type of Employment
How were you recruited to work at The University of Memphis?
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Section 2
What is your primary reason for leaving?
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Section 3
Please use the following scale to rate the University's performance:
5= Very Satisfied
4= Satisfied
3= Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied
2= Dissatisfied
1= Very Dissatisfied
Working Conditions
Safe/Adequate Work Space
Tools/Equipment/Supplies for Job
Pleasant Working Environment
Support of Immediate Supervisor
Support of Upper Management
Fair and Unbiased Treatment
Communication from Management
Communication to Management
Training and Development
New Employee Orientation
On-the-Job Training
Opportunities for Advancement
Professional Development Opportunities
Opportunity to Use Education and Experience
Compensation and Benefits
Pay for Assigned Responsibilities
Benefits Package
You may use the following space to write any recommendations or additional comments about employment at The University of Memphis.

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