The University of Memphis Lambuth Campus Campus Life Grant

Description: The University of Memphis Lambuth Campus Life Grant provides funding to eligible undergraduate students who will serve as leaders in the development and implementation of campus activities and organizations. This includes developing and being involved in academic organizations, programs or activities; providing community service to the campus; and participating in student organizations focusing on Multicultural Affairs, Student Governance, Student Activities, Student Recruitment, Campus Recreation or Residence Life.

Academic Requirements: To be considered eligible for the Grant, students must meet an academic requirement of 2.75 high school GPA for first time, full-time freshmen and a 2.5 GPA for transfer students.

Award Information: For Fall 2014, the Campus Life Grant will be available for one-year grants of $2,000 ($1,000 per semester) on a limited funds-available basis for new student applications meeting the above eligibility requirements.
Current recipients are not eligible to reapply once their original award period has expired. Recipients should refer to their original award notification for details.

Applicants must complete the following form to be considered. All fields are required.

Student Name:
Student UID #:

Permanent Address:

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Current High School or Transfer GPA: 
List of student involvement/activities:

Statement of Goals:
Type a 400 word statement of goals for this grant. Consider the following: What involvement experiences have you had before that you would like to continue? What leadership roles would you like to pursue? This statement should address why you would be a good candidate for this grant.

Re-Application: To reapply for the Campus Life Grant, students must be in good academic standing and re-submit a completed application packet.