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Shuttle Stop To Kroger Offered For On-Campus Residents
The Blue Line will make stops to Kroger Poplar Plaza from all main campus Residence Halls beginning Jan. 24. This shuttle will run every Friday continuously from 2-5 pm. For more information click here.

Because of growth in enrollment, the pedestrian nature of the main campus, & costs and time necessary to provide additional parking facilities such as a parking garage, it was determined that this is the appropriate time to provide a means of transportation to assist in moving people around campus. Over time we hope that increased interest in car pooling, bicycling and public transportation will eventually reduce the amount of cars needed on campus.

Meanwhile, the shuttle service will help move people around campus and also assist with getting people between the main campus and Park Avenue campus. Currently, many students, faculty and staff will drive to different locations on campus for classes, meetings, rec center, etc. That means one car could essentially take 3-4 parking spots in a day, which also causes more traffic congestion, etc. By riding the shuttle, we hope to eliminate the ‘parking lot hopping’ which should assist in easing some of the traffic congestion on campus.