Occupational Injuries & Illnesses

During the course of employment at the University of Memphis, we hope you are never injured on the job, or suffer from an occupational illness. If you do have an on-the-job injury, proper reporting of the situation will expedite the filing of a claim for medical expenses and compensation if necessary.

If you are injured or have a job-related illness, you should report it to your supervisor immediately. He or she will complete the "First Report of Injury or Illness" and send it to the Department of Human Resources within 24 hours. A representative from the Employee Safety and Health Office will contact you and/or your supervisor for further information concerning your illness or injury. If you need medical services, you must choose a physician from the States Network of W/C physicians and you must complete a "State of Tennessee Accident Report." Contact Human Resources at 678-3257, for the appropriate forms and a listing of primary physicians.

Non-Emergency Injuries or Illnesses
Immediately notify your supervisor and Sedgwick James of Tennessee at 1-800-526-2305. You should call a listed physician for an appointment, stating you are an employee of the State of Tennessee, and the claim should be filed as workers' compensation with Sedgwick James, the Workers' Compensation Insurance Provider. You have been issued a workers' compensation card which should be presented to the physician's office.

Emergency Injuries or Illnesses
Baptist Health System, St. Francis, and Regional Medical Center at Memphis are the preferred hospitals for workers' compensation. In case of a medical emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital emergency room and notify Sedgwick James at 1-800-526-2305 within 24 hours. Your supervisor should notify Human Resources as soon as possible after the accident for the appropriate documentation.

For Accidents Which Occur After Hours
For accidents that occur after normal working hours and require medical treatment, go to the closest network emergency room. Notify your supervisor immediately. Notify Human Resources and Sedgwick James on the next workday.

  • Occupational Illness or Injury Form
  • State of TN Accident Report
  • Near Miss Form
  • Important Contacts
    Sedgwick James: 1-800-526-2305 
    USA WIN: 1-800-USA-3860 
    Human Resources: (901) 678-3573 
    Employee Safety & Health: (901) 678-4671
    Click here for the State of Tennessee Workers Compensation Division.

    You must choose a service provider from the directory (or as authorized by calling Sedgwick James or USA WIN) for full payment of your bills. If you use a provider not in the network you will be responsible for payment of your bills.