The Staff of Physical Plant
Dean Hansen Assistant Vice President 678-2077 E-mail
Calvin Strong Director, Building & Landscape Services 678-2411 E-mail
Linda Arnold Manager, Rental Property 678-4061 E-mail
Ali Bandy Lock Shop Supervisor 678-2788 E-mail
Ricky Bibb Electric Shop Supervisor 678-2798 E-mail
Charlie Black Energy and Environmental Manager 678-2412 E-mail
Bernice Burnett Custodian Supervisor 678-2415 E-mail
Pam Cash Manager, Facilities Projects 678-2076 E-mail
Jerry Cleaves Construction Specialist 678-4009 E-mail
Eunice J Culp Custodian Supervisor 678-8353 E-mail
Joellen Dimond Horticulturist 678-3511 E-mail
John Flowers Construction Specialist, Athletics 678-2341 E-mail
Robert Foster Landscape Supervisor 678-2824 E-mail
Angela Freeman Custodian Supervisor 678-2415 E-mail
Ernestine Harris Custodian Supervisor 678-2415 E-mail
Diana Humphrey-McKee Manager, Facilities Operations 678-2658 E-mail
Mike Hunsaker HVAC Supervisor 678-2791 E-mail
Jesse Johnson Custodial Training 678-4889 E-mail
Dan Kohr Energy Management Specialist 678-3545 E-mail
Amelia Mayahi Sustainability Coordinator 678-5543 E-mail
Kim McAfee Manager, Building Services 678-2233 E-mail
James McArthur Supervisor, Supply/Central Receiving 678-2687 E-mail
Kyle McClung Manager, Building Services - Evening Shift 678-2415 E-mail
John Melton Pest Control Technician II 678-4221 E-mail
Frances Miller Custodian Supervisor 678-2415 E-mail
Karen Newman Administrative Secretary 678-2580 E-mail
Kathy O'Bryan Director of Business Operations 678-2641 E-mail
Jackie Roberson Administrative Associate 678-3637 E-mail
Al Ross Construction Specialist 678-2502 E-mail
Ryan Seidner Business Officer II 678-2654 E-mail
Norma Shelton Accounting Clerk I 678-2827 E-mail
Reddie Stevenson Custodian Supervisor 678-2415 E-mail
Richard Talley Boiler Operations Supervisior 678-3603 E-mail
Keith Ward Fire and Safety Inspector 678-4671 E-mail
Willie Watson Construction Specialist 678-2218 E-mail
Brian Wilcox Manager, Carpentry/Lockshop 678-3850 E-mail
Kim Wilson Assistant Manager, Landscape Services 678-2824 E-mail