The Staff of Physical Plant
Dean Hansen Assistant Vice President 678-2077 E-mail
Joel Mooney Director, Operations 678-2539 E-mail
Kathy O'Bryan Director, Business Support Services 678-2641 E-mail
Brian Wilcox Director, Facility Management & Project Services 678-3850 E-mail
Linda Arnold Manager, Rental Property 678-4061 E-mail
Ricky Bibb Manager, Facility Operations & Maintenance 678-2800 E-mail
Charlie Black Manager, Utilities & Environmental Services 678-2412 E-mail
Diana Humphrey-McKee Manager, Business Processes & Support 678-2658 E-mail
Ashif Jahan Manager 678-1405 E-mail
Amelia Mayahi Manager, Campus Sustainability 678-5543 E-mail
Gary Williams Manager 678-1912 E-mail
Kim Wilson Manager, Landscape Services 678-1431 E-mail
Stan Ballard Supervisor, Zone 2 678-3050 E-mail
James Barthol Supervisor II (North Night Shift) 678-2415 E-mail
Julian Boyland Supervisor, Zone 3 678-1138 E-mail
Octavia Buckley Supervisor II (Day Shift) 678-2415 E-mail
Mark Cook Supervisor, Landscape Athletics 678-3296 E-mail
Clifton Dandridge Supervisor Landscape 678-4744 E-mail
Elizabeth Doss Supervisor Landscape 678-2824 E-mail
Robert Foster Supervisor Landscape 678-2825 E-mail
Roger Letterman Supervisor, Zone 1 678-5253 E-mail
Willie Nichols Supervisor Millington 678-5069 E-mail
Crystal Price Supervisor Downtown Law 678-4677 E-mail
Ryan Seidner Business Officer II 678-2654 E-mail
Richard Talley Supervisor Boiler Operations 678-3603 E-mail
Tammara Adams Accountant II 678-2656 E-mail
Terrence Bronson Key Custodian/Tool Room Clerk 678-2798 E-mail
Swazoo Claybon Planner & Estimator 678-2076 E-mail
Jerry Cleaves Construction Specialist 678-4009 E-mail
Loren Estes Administrative Assistant I 678-5121 E-mail
John Flowers Facility Management Specialist 678-2818 E-mail
Rosemary Frix Office Assistant 678-2075 E-mail
Laura Henson Administrative Associate II 678-3637 E-mail
Bruce Johnson Zone 2 Locksmith II 678-2788 E-mail
Gerry Keen Facilities Management Specialist 678-2218 E-mail
Nathan List Planner & Estimator 678-3641 E-mail
R. Brooke Maury Facility Management Specialist 678-2695 E-mail
James McArthur Supervisor, Supply/Central Receiving 678-2817 E-mail
Kim McIntosh Office Assistant 678-2699 E-mail
John Melton Pest Control Technician II 678-4221 E-mail
Al Ross Construction Specialist 678-2502 E-mail
Gina Savell Pest Control Technician 678-4221 E-mail