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Deduction Codes

C01 Com Hlth Community Health Charities
C02 Com Shrs Community Shares
C11 UNSF United Negro Scholarship Fund
C13 TN Cons Tennessee Wildlife Federation
C14 Blk Utd Black United Fund of Tennessee
C15 FACES National Craniofacial Assoc.
C16 CHIPS Change is Possible
C18 Books Books from Birth
C20 YHTP You Have the Power
C22 SpecKids Special Kids, Inc.
C23 ACS American Cancer Society
C45 UW United Way McMinn Meigs County
C46 UW United Way Franklin County
C47 UW United Way Loudon County
C48 UW United Way Warren County
C49 UW United Way Union County
C50 UW United Way Anderson County
C51 UW United Way Blount County
C53 UW United Way Bradley County
C54 UW United Way Bristol/Sullivan Co
C55 UW Untied Way Greater Chattanooga
C56 UW UW Metro Nashville/Davidson Co
C57 UW United Way Elizabethton/Carter
C58 UW United Way Greene County
C59 UW United Way Hawkins County
C60 UW United Way Washington County
C61 UW United Way Greater Kingsport
C62 UW United Way Greater Knoxville
C63 UW United Way Maury County
C64 UW UW Greater Clarksville Region
C65 UW United Way Rutherford Co
C66 UW United Way Roane County
C67 UW United Way Sevier County
C68 UW United Way Sumner County
C69 UW United Way Williamson County
C70 UW United Way Bedford County
C71 UW United Way Benton County
C72 UW United Way Highland RIM
C74  UW United Way Dickson County
C75 UW United Way Hamblen County
C76 UW United Way Putman County
C77 UW United Way Rhea County
C78 UW United Way Robertson County
C79 UW United Way Wilson County
C80  UW UW Madison/Hardeman/Crockett
C81 UW United Way Gibson County
C82 UW United Way McNairy County
C83 UW United Way Weakley County
C84 UW United Way Henderson County
C85 UW United Way Haywood County
C86 UW United Way Carroll County
C87 UW United Way Dyer County
C88 UW United Way Mid-South
C89 UW UW Mountain City/Johnson Co
C90 UW United Way Humphries County
C91 UW United Way Jefferson County
C92 UW United Way Cheatham County
C93 UW United Way Grainger County
D01 401k 401k
D02, D04-D06 401k Ln 401k Loan Repayment
D03 DC 457 Deferred Compensation 457
D07 401K No 401K No Match
D08 ROTH ROTH 401(k)
D09 ROTH NO ROTH 401k No Match
D10 ING 403b Aetna/ING 403b
D19 Val 403b Valic 403b
D99 401k ER 401k Employer Portion
F01 Med Reim Medical Reimbursement
F02 Dep Care Dependent Care Spending Acct
H19 PPPV1W Partnership PPO BCBS West
H20 PPPV1M Partnership PPO BCBS Middle
H21 PPPV1E Partnership PPO BCBS East
H22 PPOV1W Standard PPO BCBS West
H23 PPOV1M Standard PPO BCBS Middle
H24 PPOV1E Standard PPO BCBS East
H25 PPPV2W Partnership PPO CIGNA West
H26 PPPV2M Partnership PPO CIGNA Middle
H27 PPPV2E Partnership PPO CIGNA East
H28 PPOV2W Standard PPO CIGNA West
H29 PPOV2M Standard PPO CIGNA Middle
H30 PPOV2E Standard PPO CIGNA East
H31 PPPV1W2 Partnership PPO BCBS West 2
H32 PPPV1M2 Partnership PPO BCBS Middle 2
H33 PPPV1E2 Partnership PPO BCBS East 2
H34 PPOV1W2 Standard PPO BCBS West 2
H35 PPOV1M2 Standard PPO BCBS Middle 2
H36 PPOV1E2 Standard PPO BCBS East 2
H37 PPPV2W2 Partnership PPO CIGNA West 2
H38 PPPV2M2 Partnership PPO CIGNA Middle 2
H39 PPPV2E2 Partnership PPO CIGNA East 2
H40 PPOV2W2 Standard PPO CIGNA West 2
H41 PPOV2M2 Standard PPO CIGNA Middle 2
H42 PPOV2E2 Standard PPO CIGNA East 2
H43 LAFEE Late Applicant Fee Employee
H44 LAFSP Late Applicant Fee Spouse
H45 LAFB Late Applicant Fee EE and Sp
H46 LAFEE2 Late Applicant Fee Employee 2
H47 LAFSP2 Late Applicant Fee Spouse 2
H48 LAFB2 Late Applicant Fee EE and Sp 2
H68 PPPV1WPT Partnership PPO BCBS West PT
H69 PPPV1MPT Partnership PPO BCBS Mid PT
H70 PPPV1EPT Partnership PPO BCBS East PT
H71 PPOV1WPT Standard PPO BCBS West PT
H73 PPOV1EPT Standard PPO BCBS East PT
H74 PPPV2WPT Partnership PPO CIGNA West PT
H76 PPPV2MPT Partnership PPO CIGNA Mid PT
H77 PPPV2EPT Partnership PPO CIGNA East PT
H81 PPPV1W2P Partnership PPO BCBS West PT2
H82 PPPV1M2P Partnership PPO BCBS Mid PT2
H83 PPPV1E2P Partnership PPO BCBS East PT2
H84 PPOV1W2P Standard PPO BCBS West PT2
H85 PPOV1M2P Standard PPO BCBS Mid PT2
H86 PPOV1E2P Standard PPO BCBS East PT2
H87 PPPV2W2P Partnership PPO CIGNA West PT2
H88 PPPV2M2P Partnership PPO CIGNA Mid PT2
H89 PPPV2E2P Partnership PPO CIGNA East PT2
H90 PPOV2W2P Standard PPO CIGNA West PT2
H91 PPOV2M2P Standard PPO CIGNA Mid PT2
H92 PPOV2E2P Standard PPO CIGNA East PT2
H93 LAFEEPT Late Applicant Fee Employee PT
H94 LAFSPPT Late Applicant Fee Spouse PT
H95 LAFBPT Late Applicant Fee EE Sp PT
H96 LAFEE2P Late Applicant Fee EE PT2
H97 LAFSP2P Late Applicant Fee Spouse PT2
H98 LAFB2P Late Applicant Fee EE Sp PT2
I07 DentalPP Dental Pre-Paid
I08 Dent PDO Delta Dental PDO
I09 Dent PP2 Dental Pre-Paid 2
I10 Dent PDO Dental PDO 2
I40 D PP PT Dental PrePaid PT
I41 D PDO PT Dental PDO PT
I42 D PP PT2 Dental Pre Paid PT 2
I43 DPDO PT2 Delta Dental PDO PT 2
L03 Term SI Add Life Insurance Term Single
L04 Term SP Add Life Insurance Term Spouse
L05 Term CH Add Life Insurance Term Child
L06 Univ SI Add Life Universal Single
L07 Univ SP Add Life Universal Spouse
L09 Perma Perma Plan
L10 Basic FM Basic Life Insurance Family
L11 Basic SI Basic Life Insurance Single
L12 Basic SP Basic Life Insurance Split
L14 Basic NO Basic Life No Health
L15 Opt Acc Optional Special Accident-Emp
L16 Opt Acc Optional Accident-Family
L50 Imputed Imputed Income
L60 BasicFM2 Basic Life Insurance Family 2
L61 BasicSI2 Basic Life Insurance Single 2
L62 BasicSP2 Basic Life Insurance Split 2
L63 Term SI2 Add Life Insurance Term Sgl 2
L64 Term SP2 Add Life Insurance Term Sp 2
L65 Term CH2 Add Life Term Insurance Chld 2
L66 Univ Sl2 Add Life Universal Single 2
L67 Univ SP2 Add Universal Life Spouse 2
L69 Perma2 Perma Plan 2
L70 OptAccSI Optional Spec Acc-EE- 2
L71 OptAccFM Optional Accident Family 2
L72 Basic NO Basic Life No Health
M01 LTD Long Term Disability Exempt
M03 LTD NE2 Long Term Disability NE 2
M06 TGR CLUB Tiger Clubs Foundation
M07 Foundat Foundation
M08 ANNFND1 Annual Fund Gift 1
M09 ANNFND2 Annual Fund Gift 2
M10 LTC EE Long Term Care Employee
M11 LTC SP Long Term Care Spouse
M12 LTC CH Long Term Care Child
M15 AFLAC CC AFLAC Cancer Coverage
M16 AFLAC 1C AFLAC Intensive Care
M17 TGRCLBUN Tiger Clubs University
M18 Found2 Foundation 2
M19 Found 3 Foundation 3
M20 Found 4 Foundation 4
M21 Found5 Foundation 5
M30 TRAF TKT Traffic Tickets
M31 RET CKS Returned Checks
M32 RETCKFIN Return Check Fine
M33 MICROCOM Microcomputer Sales
M34 STUFAMHS Student Family Housing
M35 RENTPROP Rental Properties
M36 LIPSCHL Lipman Child School
M37 LIBRARY Library Chrg/Fines
M38 TELE CHG Telephone Charges
M39 OTHA/R-A Other A/R - A
M40 OTHA/R-B Other A/R - B
M43 INSTLOAN Institutional Loans
M44 EE REWDS Employee Rewards
M45 FBTICKET Football Tickets
M46 BBTICKET Basketball Tickets
M47 ATHTKTS Other Athletic  Tickets
M48 DEBITFND Debit Funds
M49 RECSNGL Rec & Fitness Single < 28,000
M50 RECFAML Rec & Fitness Family < 28,000
M51 RECSNGG Rec & Fitness Single > 28,000
M52 RECFAMG Rec & Fitness Family > 28,000
M53 AR-MANCK Payroll A/R - Manual Checks
M54 AR-NONBL Payroll A/R - Nonbilled
M55 MATCU Memphis Area Teachers CU
M56 RECSNGL2 Rec&Fitness Single < 28,000 2
M57 RECFAML2 Rec&Fitness Family < 28,000 2
M58 RECSNGG2 Rec&Fitness Single > 28,000 2
M59 RECFAMG2 Rec&Fitness Family > 28,000 2
M60 NewFac New Faculty Emergency Fund
M61 LTC2 EE Long Term Care Employee 2
M62 LTC SP 2 Long Term Care Spouse 2
M63 LTC CH 2 Long Term Care Child 2
M65 AFLACCC2 AFLAC Cancer Coverage 2
M66 AFLACIC2 AFLAC Intensive Care 2
M76 Parking University Parking
M77 Parking University Parking 2
M78 Park PT University Parking Post Tax
M79 Park PT2 University Parking Post Tax 2
M80 TSEA Due TSEA Dues
M81 TSEA 2 TSEA Dues 2
M98 PTuition BEST Prepaid
M99 Misc Miscellaneous Deductions
R01 TCRS FA TCRS Retirement Faculty NC
R02 TCRSFNoF TCRS Retirement Fac No FICA
R05 TCRS NF TCRS Retirement Non-Faculty
R06 TCRSNFNF TCRS Non Faculty No Fica
R10 TCRS TCB Closed Teacher Class B Contrib
R11 TCRS TCN Closed Teachers Class B NC
R20 ORP ING ORP Retirement ING 10%
R21 ORP ING ORP Retirement ING Two Split
R22 ORP ING ORP Retirement ING Three Split
R30 ORTIAA1 ORP Retirement TIAA 10%
R31 ORTIAA2 ORP Retirement TIAA Two Split
R32 ORTIAA3 ORP Retirement TIAA Three Splt
R40 ORVAL1 ORP Retirement Valic 10%
R41 ORVAL2 ORP Retirement Valic Two Split
R42 ORVAL3 ORP Retirement Valic Three Spl
R99 ORP Swit ORP Switch MidYear YTD
T01 FICA Md FICA Medicare
T02 FICA SS FICA Social Security
T03 Fed Tax Federal Income Tax
T04 EIC Earned Income Credit
T17 Dep serv Canadians
T18 teach Tax treaty teaching/research
T19 study Tax treaty study
V01 VISBRONZ Vision Insurance-Bronze
V02 VISGOLD Vision Insurance-Gold
V03 AFLACACC Aflac-Accident
V04 AFLACHOS Aflac-Hospital Indemnity
V05 AFLACCAN Aflac-Cancer
V06 AFLACSIC Aflac-Sickness Indemnity
V07 AFCIEENT Aflac-Critical ILL-EE-NTobacco
V08 AFCISPNT Aflac-Critical ILL-SP-NTobacco
V09 AFLCIEET Aflac-Critical ILL-EE-Tobacco
V10 AFLCISPT Aflac-Critical ILL-SP-Tobacco
W01 IRS Levy IRS Levy
W02, W10-W18 Child Su Child Support
W03 Bankrupt Bankruptcy
W04 Garn Fla General Garnishment Flat Amt
W05 C Court Chancery Court
W06 ST Levy State Levy
W07 Stu Loan Student Loans
W19, W20 Ch Su Ct Child Support Court Fee
W21 CIRCUIT Circuit Court
W22 GEN SESS General Sessions Court
W23 MUN CT Municipal Court
W24 TSAC 1 TSAC Garnishment 1
W25 TSAC 2 TSAC Garnishment 2
W26 PRLNDIR Payroll Loans Direct
W27 AMSTASST American Student Assistance