YOU are responsible for compliance with the following policies.
Please read before registering.

FEE PAYMENT POLICY: Deletion of classes for non-payment will be before the first day of class for the semester. Carefully review the registration dates and the corresponding fee payment/deletion deadlines on the Bursar Calendar.

FEE WAIVERS (Special Programs): ATTENTION STATE EMPLOYEES WHO USE PC-191/PC-1047 AND STUDENTS WHO USE THE SENIOR CITIZEN AND DISABLED FEE WAIVER PROGRAMS: Please refer to the Bursar Calendar and select the appropriate term for the official registration date prior to registering for courses under these special fee waiver programs. Registration for courses under these programs prior to the date listed on the Bursar calendar will not be eligible for the fee waiver program. For more information regarding these programs, see Fee Payment Methods.

COURSE DELETION:  Registration is subject to deletion if fee payment requirements for enrollment fees are not satisfied by the appropriate fee payment deadline listed in the Bursar Calendar. Unless your financial aid, scholarship, and/or third party assistance covers 100% of your enrollment fees, you MUST pay the remaining balance due after awards are applied by the appropriate fee payment deadline.

INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLAN (IPP):  The IPP is available for the Fall and Spring Terms.  A required initial 50% down payment of the remaining balance of enrollment fees plus a $50 plan enrollment fee is due at the time of sign up on TigerXpress. Please check the Installment Payment Plan Guidelines for more details. IPP is NOT available for the Summer Terms. 

FEE INVOICES:  Students are notified via their UofM email account when an electronic invoice is available online on TigerXpress.  Students remain responsible for completing the fee payment process by the fee payment deadline, even if they do not receive a fee invoice.

CHECK PAYMENTS:  Payments mailed to the Bursar's Office must be received in the Bursar's Office by the appropriate fee payment deadline, regardless of the post mark date on the envelope. Please allow 5 – 7 days for processing.

The University of Memphis processes paper checks electronically. When you provide a check as payment (in-person, by mail, or through our drop box) you authorize the use of information from your check to make a one-time electronic funds transfer from your account. In certain circumstances, such as for technical or processing reasons, we may process your check as a check transaction. For your reconciliation purposes, these checks will appear on your monthly bank statement as an Electronic Debit.

If a check/draft or credit card payment used to satisfy enrollment fees is returned dishonored by your financial institution, you will be assessed a $100 Late Payment Fee, in addition to a $30 Returned Check Fee, and your registration may be deleted.

WITHDRAWALS: DO NOT wait for the University to delete your registration due to nonpayment. Students are responsible for their own enrollment status. If you register and decide not to attend, you MUST withdraw from all classes prior to the first day of classes on myMemphis Student Self Service to ensure that you will not owe fees and receive an "F" grade.  After the first day of class, if you decide not to attend or drop a course(s); you must drop that course(s) from your schedule.  Your fees for dropping courses maybe adjusted based on the refund policy in effect on the date you drop.  Withdrawals by Students Receiving Financial Aid:  Dropping your last course (totally withdrawing) after the first day of class and before 60% of the term has been completed will reduce your aid eligibility and may result in your having to REPAY FUNDS to the University and/or the Department of Education. For detail information, please visit Financial Aid website.

NON-ATTENDANCE: Students will not be dropped from classes for failure to attend. If you register and decide not to attend, you MUST withdraw on myMemphis Student Self Service before the beginning of classes for the term to avoid owing significant fees, receiving "F" grades, and being liable for repayment of financial aid funds.

REINSTATEMENTS:  Students whose classes are deleted for non-payment after the late registration fee payment deadline and whose request to be reinstated for all parts-of-term courses is approved must prepay all fees in full (IPP is not available), including the assessment of a $100 Late Registration Fee and a $100 Late Payment Fee prior to being reinstated.  Please Note:  Students whose classes are deleted for non-payment prior to the official first day of class for the semester will reregister on myMemphis Student Self Service and may be assessed a $100 Late Registration Fee.

REGISTERING AFTER LATE REGISTRATION: Students who receive permission to register after Late Registration from the Dean of their major must prepay all fees in full (IPP is not available), including the assessment of a $100 Late Registration Fee and $100 Late Payment Fee prior to being registered.

The University reserves the right to make changes to the schedule as necessary to be consistent with Tennessee Board of Regents policies and procedures.