Accounts Payable
Helpful Checklist for Travel Claims

Travel Claims:

1.     Have you filled in the “Travel Purchase Order Amount” field?

If you don't know the travel purchase order amount, go to screen FPIPURR in BANNER. Type in the travel purchase order number, for example P0061924 and then hit the NEXT BLOCK button at the top of the page.

2.     Does your TOTAL EXPENSE (A+B) exceed the travel purchase order amount?

If so, and the department wants to approve expenses in excess of the original travel purchase order amount, has the approver signed the "For expenses in excess of PO amount field? Accounts Payable won't be able to process the reimbursement for the full amount if there is no approving signature for expenses in excess of the PO amount.

3.     Did the claimant receive a travel advance?

If so, is the travel advance amount in the field labeled: LESS TRAVEL ADVANCE REC'D?

4.     Is the travel Purchase Order (PO) number valid?

A valid PO number must be listed on the claim; the PO must be approved before the claim can be processed.

5.     Is the travel purchase order number visible and legible in the PO No.: field?

6.     Did you lump the total lodging cost on one line instead of listing the cost daily? If so, go back and list the cost daily.

7.     Are you unsure of the actual lodging maximum for the destination?

For the continental U.S. excluding Tennessee, go to For Tennessee, go to

8.     Did you lump the total meals & incidentals per diem cost on one line instead of listing the cost daily? If so, go back and itemize the cost daily.

9.     Are you sure of the actual per diem amount for the destination?

For the continental U.S. excluding Tennessee, go to For Tennessee, go to

10.  Does the lodging cost per day exceed the maximum allowed?

If so, is there a conference/convention brochure attached showing the actual conference/convention room rate attached to the travel claim? If no brochure or other documentation is available an explanation for the higher room rate should always be listed in the “Comments” section of the travel claim.

11.  Are there any unusual TRAVEL expenses listed on the travel claim? If so, give a brief explanation in the “Comments” section of the travel claim.

12.  Do you want to [change/add another] account number to use to pay the claim?

You must attach a memo to the front of the travel claim requesting the change, which has been signed by one higher authority than the claimant on that specific account number.

13.  Is the travel claim from a foreign country in foreign currency?

If so, please make the currency conversions by going to Change the currency to match the date of travel (foreign rates change daily). Go to the Country Code and change to the correct Country Code and convert to USD (US Dollars). Print the conversion rates and attach it to the travel claim with the correct conversion amounts on the travel claim.

14.  Is the travel claim a Blanket Travel Claim?

If so, please go to “ Blanket? ” and check “ Y ” for yes. A Blanket travel claim is more than one person traveling on the travel claim or more than one trip on the travel claim.

15.  Did you use your vehicle for your travel?

If so, please go to and look up the City and State for exact mileage allowances.

16.  Did you use a taxi service?

If so, the actual cost for cabs will be paid, NO TIPS will be paid.

17.  Did you use airport parking?

If so, the airport-parking limit is $8.00 per day without receipt and actual cost with receipt.

18.  Did you list the City and State on the travel claim or in Comments, (not just the City)?

19.  Did you include supplies on the travel claim? If so, you need to use the Cash Reimbursement Form for supplies unless supplies are directly related to travel. Receipt must be attached to travel claim.

20.  Did you include all receipts for any airfare, hotel, etc. with payment information, not just cost?

21.  Did the form print correctly?


(1) Travel claims may be approved only by "responsible person/approver" or "designee" on the account. See Spectrum Finance Program Guide in Banner, click on signatures by org. Type in the organization number to view the names of all persons and their designees and approvers authorized to sign for an account.

(2) Rental vehicle insurance is NOT reimbursable. Those traveling on University business are covered by the State of TN Claims Dept. in the event of an accident.

(3) Transportation, lodging and meal rates must conform to those allowed at for out-of-state travel and to those set by TBR for in-state travel. Visit the Travel Rate Schedule & Mileage Web page for detailed information.

(4) The rate for foreign travel meals is $71.00 per day regardless of international location and $53.25 for the first and last day of travel.

(5) Lodging expenses over the allowable rate can be paid only if the travel claim documents that the lowest available rate was received (conference rate).

(6) Meals are NOT reimbursed for one-day trips, with the exception for employees accompanying student groups.

(7) Telephone and e-mail/Internet charges must be explained demonstrating that the charges are related to University business.


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