Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact to report a problem with a form?
Contact Business and Finance Web Support Services or the responsible department to which the form belongs. Back to top


Which browser should I use?
All of the online forms have been optimized for the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape. Back to top


I'm using a Macintosh computer. What about me?
The forms have been optimized for use on a PC platform. The forms have been tested on the Macintosh platform and have been found to be functional, though the final printed results have not been as optimal as those achieved with PCs. To compensate this problem, PDF forms are available and are the recommended choice for Mac users. Back to top


Why can't I type more characters in a data field?
Unlike the previous set of online forms, the data entry field have been programmed to only accept the maximum number of spaces visible to the screen. This is to ensure no data is lost when printing. All data fields have been programmed, though, to offer enough space for the desired data to be entered in most instances. If you should have to abbreviate any information, please try to use commonly-used abbreviations, such as "NYC" for New York City. Back to top


The forms look different than they used to when printed out.
The removal of the Format for Printer function means that your forms will now be printed in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format. Your printed forms will look more or less exactly like what appears on your screen, rather than a created third-party format. This does mean, for example, that data field boxes will appear on your forms. Back to top


I'm using Netscape 7.0, why aren't the background colors or images within my form printing?
If the background colors of your form are not visible when you view the form in Print Preview, select Page Setup listed in the File Menu. Click the box titled Print Background (colors & images). This is not a default setting of Netscape 7.0, you will need to check this box when you want to print background colors and images. Back to top


My form is printing on two pages.
With only a few exceptions, all of the forms have been customized to print on one page, if printed correctly. If your form is not printing on one page, you most likely have your margins set incorrectly. To remedy this, click Page Setup under the File menu, and set all four margins (top, bottom, left, and right) to 0.1". Back to top


Which forms are supposed to print out on multiple pages?
The Request for Payment to Individual or Contractor and the Long Form Budget Revision simply have too much content to fit on one page, but they have been optimized to print evenly and neatly on two pages when margins have been set correctly.

Note: The Travel Claim will also print on two pages if you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser. View the section "My travel claim doesn't fit on the page" for more information. Back to top


My travel claim doesn't fit on the page.
Netscape 7.0 users: Use the Shrink to Fit option when printing. This option is the default and should already be set. If this option is not checked click Page Setup listed in the File menu, and click in the Shrink to Fit box to activate the option.

Netscape 4.X users: The travel claim has been designed to print on one page, but it is one of only two forms that still must be printed in landscape (11" X 8 1/2") format. (The other is the Outgoing Mail Classification form.) To adjust your printer settings to landscape, click the Print option under the File menu, then select Properties. Then, under the Orientation heading, select Landscape. If your margins have also been properly set, the travel claim should then print on one page. But remember, until you reset the print properties or close the browser, all of your output created in the browser will be printed in landscape format.

Internet Explorer 6.0+ users: The travel claim is not formatted to print on one page using IE, it will print on two pages. You must still print the form in landscape format. We recommend using the Netscape browser for this form, however if you prefer using IE, choose the PDF version of the travel claim to allow the form to print on one page. Back to top


My forms aren't performing the automatic calculations.
The most common reason for the calculations not to function is that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. To remedy this, click under the Edit menu in Netscape, select Advanced, and check the Enable JavaScript option. After clicking OK, the calculations should then work. Back to top


What happened to the automatic dating feature?
The decision was made to help eliminate the autodate feature from all of the forms in an effort to avoid the confusion created when a form is created on one day but not submitted for several days or even weeks later. Back to top


I accidentally hit the reload button and lost all my data I entered. Can I get it back?
No. The Web is a stateless system. The server can't tell where you've been, or how long it's been since you last visited. When you hit the reload button, you tell the server that you want a fresh copy of the form. This, in turn, replaces the form and its contents you were working with. Back to top


Can I save a partially completed form? 
PDF forms and Excel/Word forms can be saved. Web/HTML can not. Back to top


When I print my PDF form, the text is so huge that sides of the form are cut off. 
When you open the Print dialog box in Acrobat Reader, make sure the Fit to Page option is checked. This should be a one-time-only step for you, as this box will remain checked in the future. If you have other printing problems, be sure to check your margin settings. Back to top


Where can I find the University's travel procedures and/or the approved CONUS travel rates?
The University's travel policy is located here, and other travel information is located on the Travel Rate Schedule. Back to top


Why won't the typed data in my PDF form clear when I refresh the form?
It is the web browser, not the PDF form, that is maintaining the data.
When working with PDF forms on the web some web browsers require you to hold down the shift key or the control (CTRL) key and click on the refresh button at the same time to clear the data. This forces the web page to reload in the browser memory cache. Back to top


Where can I locate a Banner ID?
The Banner ID may be located in Banner INB on form PPAIDEN. Contact your department secretary or business officer for assistance if you do not have access to PPAIDEN. Back to top


More questions?
If you need further assistance, please submit a request for help at the Admin Helpdesk. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Back to top