The University of Memphis
Justification for Sole Source (Purchases or Contracts)
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Requisition Number:
Initiator/Requestor:   Date:
Department: Vendor/Contractor:
Amount to be Paid : Check here if federally funded grant

  1. Description of product or service to be acquired:

  2. Explanation of the need for or requirement placed on the University to acquire the product or service:

  3. Name and address of the proposed contractor’s principal owner(s):

  4. Evidence that the proposed contractor has experience in providing the same or similar service and evidence of the number of years the contractor has provided the same or similar product or service within the industry:

  5. Explanation of whether the product or service was ever bought by the University in the past, and if so, what method was used to acquire it and who was the contractor:

  6. Justification of why the University should acquire the product or service through non-competitive negotiation:

    The vendor possesses exclusive and/or predominant capabilities or the items contain a patented feature providing superior utility not obtainable from similar products.

    The product or service is unique and easily established as one of a kind.

    The program requirements cannot be modified so that competitive products or services may be used.

    The product is available from only one source and not merchandised through wholesalers, jobbers and retailers.

    Items must be interchangeable or compatible with in-place items. 

    The  cost  of  conversion,  including  but  not  limited  to  disruption,  retraining  and  replacement  precludes  bidding competitively.

    The product is to be used in an instructional setting and the intent is to provide instruction on the specific product or diversity of products.

  7. Vendor must furnish a letter indicating that it is a sole source (and not sold through retailers or 3rd parties) and the letter must be signed by an authorized company representative.
    Check here if letter is attached.