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The myMemphis Portal is an online tool that allows users to access University systems from one location. In addition, the Portal offers personalized content and individual customization. 
The official myMemphis Portal Web site is Log into the Portal using your UUID and password. Your UUID is your Universal User Identification. The username and password required to enter the Portal are the same username and password you use to login to your University e-mail and UMdrive accounts.

The Banner system, including the Portal, is case sensitive. When logging in, type your username and password as you would normally do when logging into your other University accounts. If you have trouble logging in, contact your local technical support provider, or the ITD Helpdesk at 678-8888.  

After entering your username and password, click on the Login button to enter the Portal.

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Upon entering the Portal, you will see a series of “tabs” directly under your name. These tabs are generated based on the roles you hold at the University. For example, University employees’ have an employee tab; students have a series of student tabs, and so on. Each tab is comprised of a series of “channels.” Channels contain information and often feature clickable hyperlinks to additional content.

The myMemphis Portal is a continuously growing resource for faculty, staff, and students. As it expands, you may see new services and noticeable changes in the layout and positioning of portal tabs and channels.

To gain access to Banner, fill in the appropriate forms located on the Web at Submit the completed form to the Office of Business and Finance Support Services. You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon approval of your access request.

Once you have gained access to Banner and enter the myMemphis Portal Web site, locate the portal channel for Banner INB, click on the hyperlink Finance/HR/Student Users (in new browser window) to enter the system. Follow the instructions provided in the channel if you are entering the system for the first time or contact your local technical support provider for assistance.

myMemphis Portal


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