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A01 AVP Finance Interfund Transfer Rule
A05 AVP Finance Cash Receipts Entry
A16 AVP Finance Journal Entry
ACDC Cancel Addl Charges on Credit Memo
ACDI Cancel Addl Charges on Invoice
ACEC Cancel Addl Chrg on C/M w/ Encumb
ACEI Cancel Addl Chrg on Inv w/Encumb
ACII Cancel Addl Chrgs on Inv w/G/L Acct
ADDC Additional Charges on Credit Memo
ADDI Additional Charges on an Invoice
ADEC Addl Chrg on Credit Memo w/ Encumb
ADEI Addl Charges on Invoice w/Encumb
ADII Addl Charges on Invoice w/G/L Acct
ADJC Adjustment to Inventory Value
ADPR Adjust depreciation(up or down)
AL01 ProAlloc for perm. adopt budget
AL02 ProAlloc for perm. adj budget
AL04 ProAlloc. for encumbrance
AL05 ProAlloc. for budget reservation
ALE3 ProAlloc for year to data actv
ALR3 ProAlloc. for year to date revenue
APS1 Banner Student - APPL CHG-Like
APS2 Banner Student - APPL CHG - Diff
APS3 Banner Student - APPL PAY - Like
APS4 Banner Student - APPL PAY - Diff
ASCS Banner Alumni Cash Receipt
ASDE Banner Alumni Gift (Payroll Deduct)
ASLN Banner Alumni Gift of Land/Property
B01 Bursar Interfund Transfer Rule
B05 Bursar Cash Receipt Entry
B16 Bursar Journal Entry
BD01 Permanent Adopted Budget
BD02 Permanent Budget Adjustments
BD03 Temporary Adopted Budget
BD04 Temporary Budget Adjustment
BD10 Budget Development Request
BD4 Dept Temporary Budget Adjustment
BD5 Interfund Budget Revision
BD6 Current Yr Budget Revision FUPLOAD
BD7 YE Temp Budget Adjustment
BD8 YE Permanent Budget Adjustment
BDG1 Permanent Adopted Budget G&C
BDG2 Permanent Budget Adjustments G&C
BDG4 Temporary Budget Ajustment G&C
BG1 Permanent Adopted Budget G&C
BG2 Permanent Budget Adjustments G&C
BG4 Temporary Budget Adjustment G&C
BG6 Temporary Budget Adjustment Grants
BILE Bill Expense Acct w/enc in Cost Act
BILI Bill Income Acct in Cost Accounting
BILL Bill Cost Acctg. Job, no encumbranc
BLM Bursar Loan Mgmt Journal Feed
BRA Budget roll adjustment
C10 ChromeRiver Original Encumbrance
C20 ChromeRiver Encumbrance Adjustment
C32 ChromeRiver Encumbrance Liquidation
CAEC Cancel Check C/M Addl w/Encumb
CAEI Cancel check invoice addl w/encumb
CAII Cancel Check Invtry Invoice Taxes
CAXC Cancel Check - C/M tax
CAXI Cancel Check - Invoice tax
CC01 Interchart Credits
CD01 Interchart Charges
CDDC Cancel Check C/M addl chgs
CDDI Cancel check invoice addl charges
CDEC Cancel check C/M disc w/emcumb
CDEI Cancel Check Invoice disc w/encumb
CDII Cancel Check Invtry Inv Addl Chrgs
CDWI Federal Witholding on Cancel Check
CH1 AP Charges Non Cash Pay
CHS1 Banner Student Charges/Non-Cash Pay
CIIC Cancel Check Inv Valuation Adj
CIII Cancel Check Inventory Inv Discount
CISC Cancel Check - C/M discount
CISI Cancel Check - Invoice discount
CNEC Cancel Check - C/M w encumbrance
CNEI Cancel Check - Invoice w encumbranc
CNEP Cancel Check CY, Invoice w/encum PY
CNII Cancel Check Inventory Invoice
CNNC Cancel check - C/M w/o encumbrance
CNNI Cancel Check - Invoice w/o encumb
CNT Cash Net
COAD Additional Charge on Change Order
CODS Discount on Change Order
CORD Establish Change Order
COTX Tax on Change Order
CR05 Cash Receipt Entry
CRM Advance Integration
CSS1 Banner Student - Cash Payments
CSS2 Banner Student Payment/Release Dep.
CTEC Can Chk-NonVend Tx CM w/encumbrance
CTEI Cancel tax for CXEI
CTII Cancel non-vend-tax for checks
CTWI State Witholding on Cancel Check
CTXC Cancel tax w/CAXC
CTXI Cancel tax for CAXI
CXEC Cancel check C/M tax w/encumnb
CXEI Cancel check invoice tax w/encumb